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water-element: āpo-dhātu (s. dhātu).

water-kasiṇa, white-k., wind-k.: s. kasiṇa.

weighty kamma: garuka kamma (s. kamma).

wheel of existence: s. saṃsāra , vatta.

wheel of the law: dhamma-cakka (q.v.).

will: cetanā (q.v.).

wind-element: vāyo-dhātu (s. dhātu).

wisdom: paññā (q.v.).

woeful courses (of existence): duggati (s. gati).

world, the 3-fold: loka (q.v.).

worldling: puthujjana (q.v.).

worldly: lokiya (q.v.).

worldly conditions, the 8: loka-dhamma (q.v.).

world-period, formation, dissolution: s. kappa.

wrongnesses, the 10: micchatta (q.v.).

wrong path: micchā-magga (q.v.).

wrong understanding (or view), w. thought, w. speech; etc: s. micchā-magga.



yakkha: in popular belief, a kind of ghost, goblin. or ogre.

Yāma-deva: are a kind of heavenly beings of the sensuous world; s. deva.

yamaka-pāṭihāriya: 'twin miracle'. "There the Perfect One performed the twin miracle unattainable to any disciple: from the upper part of his body a flame sprang forth, and from the lower part a stream of water. etc.'' (Pts.M. I, 125 f.); App.

yathā-bhūta-ñāṇa-dassana: 'the knowledge and vision according to reality', is one of the 18 chief kinds of insight (vipassanā, q.v.).

yathākammūpaga-ñāṇa: 'knowledge of rebirth according to one's actions'; s. abhiññā (4).

yathāsanthatik'anga: 'the practice of being satisfied with whatever dwelling', is one of the ascetical means of purification; s. dhutaṅga (12).

yoga: 'yokes, bonds', is another name for the 4 cankers (āsava, q.v.) .

yogāvacara = yogi: 'one devoted to mental training,' is in Vis.M. the usual name for the disciple cultivating mental concentration (App.).

yokes: yoga, q.v.

yoni: 'modes of generation.' There are 4 generation from the egg, from the mother's womb, from moisture, and spontaneous rebirth (opapātika, q.v.) in heaven, hell, etc. Explained in M. 12.

yoniso manasikāra: 'thorough attention' or wise consideration': s. manasikāra.

youth-infatuation: s. mada.

yuganaddha: s. samatha-vipassanā, last paragraph.

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